Physically or Mentally Ageing?

My friend often times, without second thoughts, said that he is old in age whenever we meet up for discussions.

I asked "How old are you?". He replied "late 60s'" ... I responded "... not that old, la". Well, we always laughed over it and moved to other more interesting subjects ...

Yes, we always hear that "age is just a number". It should not hinder us from healthy living and doing the things that we would like to do.

The body indeed aged physically in its 60s' and thus not as resilient and strong as before ... thus with much realisation and caution, and with the wisdom of age, regular physical exercise and eating right, I believe, life should be richer, fuller and satisfying ...

In fact when we meet up with the "80s+ years old", there are many of this age group living in the community as well, we are like "kids" before their eyes, which is motivating and encouraging!

In fact with today's science and technology, man are eating and living healthier, longer ... so the "new norm" has come in ... "60s'" are the "young-olds".

However, the 60s' need to accept the age limitations as well. We must learn how to enjoy the lives that we desire, however, within the physical capability and limits. We should continue to learn and earn respect from the younger ones and should not expect special treatments. We should also know how to lead and share knowledge, skill and wisdom and plough back, what the world had given us, back to the community that we live in. We should not be selfish and envy others ... we should learn to be contented as well! We should be thankful and grateful that we can still give ...

On the other hand, the younger ones, must understand that ageing is part of the process of life, as one day, they will be in the "same space". Thus, love, care, mercy and grace must be mutually practised between the generations living together.

Thank God for the 60s' and moving forward being the "young-old" is definitely "not out!"


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