ODD = Overcome, Drive and Deliver!

I participated in a meeting where the leader was reviewing the Company's past performance and her desire, to lead her Team to a better 2015.

She anticipated the year ahead to be very challenging but not insurmountable.

She shared here Vision and the need for the Team to be tenacious in overcoming issues and obstacles, real or otherwise, in order to drive the set objectives and to achieve same.

2015, even before it arrived, had been preceded with gloomy events like the "weak Malaysian Ringgit against major foreign currencies, expected low consumer demand for goods and services upon GST implementation on 1st April 2015, expected lower GDP etc" which are not conducive for business growth.

Thus, it is not easy, but, a positive mind, the right attitude and the right mind-set which will definitely be the assets to drive forward.

Someone had said "to know the future is to create the future". In reality we do not know, and can't exactly know the future. However, we can help to create the future by influencing and implementing a clear execution plan, at least to get closer, if not "reached", the "desired" future.

The Team needs to embrace and work on the said objectives for the Year. They must overcome issues and obstacles that pose challenges to the objectives. The Team must find solutions and not lose sight nor deviate from its set targets! Stay focus!

Once the solutions are found, the Team must work on the solutions in order to drive forward and, surely, delivering results.

Thus, we came out with the acronym "ODD" for the Team to focus in order to scale greater altitude to reach the summit, which is the set objectives!

The eyes must always be on the ball! FOCUS!

ODD = Overcome, Drive, Deliver !


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