Learning about the Pharmaceutical business

A quick and short remark to the question "we need to expose our students to the practice and business of the pharmaceutical Industry in the private sector. Where do I send to?"

Many people have the impression that, in Malaysia, the "big pharma boys" are the right place to go to.

Who are the "big pharma boys"? They are normally refer to, for example, GSK, Pfizer, Norvatis, Sanofi, Abbotts, Roche, Eisai ... just to name a few. Their basic operation in Malaysia, as far as I understand, is very focussed and thus confined to Regulatory, Sales and Marketing functions, which are only part of the total value chain in the pharmaceutical business.

The fact is the total business value chain, end to end, is performed by the distributors, from the point of entry into Malaysia, custom clearance of goods, product regulatory services, warehousing, inventory management, invoicing of goods purchased, credit control, logistics management, transportation of products, extension of credit terms to the customers viz: prescribers, pharmacies, hospitals and the wholesalers ... even sales and marketing ... though not exhaustive ...

The distributors have to ensure that they meet with legal requirements in their performance of services, in collaboration with the "big pharma boys" who outsourced the warehousing and distribution services to them.

Thus the "big pharma boys", in Malaysia, are thus only a part of the total value chain.

Therefore to appreciate and to understand the pharmaceutical business, broadly and in a wholesome manner, the distributors are the obvious place to go. And, attachment with the "big pharma boys", is the way to go for sharpening of knowledge and in-depth skill sets acquisitions for Regulatory, Sales & Marketing activities.


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