Welcome 2015 !

We welcome 2015 as 2014 will exit in 2 days' time.

It had been a tumultuous year for Malaysia especially towards the last quarter of 2014 with global commercial trade in uncertainty, falling crude oil price and, just a day ago, the disappearance of another airplane over the Indonesian airspace, which totalled to 3 the number of great plane disasters recorded in the year!

Let's pray that the New Year, 2015 will be filled with love, joy, hope and peace. May the World be a better place to live in.

May ALL MEN realise that this is the ONLY World that we have as we have no other to go to.

Mess up or destroy this World, we will all be in trouble!

May ALL MEN wake up from their selfish dreams, slumbers and activities to learn to love one another and the World that sustains us all!


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