RM 30mil set aside for research for the Disabled and Elderly

The Science, Technology and Innovation Ministry is planning a RM30mil flagship scheme for research into the disabled and the elderly facilities.

The researchers have to work together with a university or the private sector or with an agency under the Ministry.

The Ministry had earlier launched the revised Malay­sian Standard (MS) MS1184:2014 Universal Design and Accessibility in Built Environment – Code of Practice (Second Revision), which is to encourage the building of disabled or elderly-friendly facilities.

The event was held in conjunction with International Day of Persons with Disabilities.

Dr Abu Bakar said inventions funded by the ministry might be bought by the Government when they were completed as previously only 8.73% of all ministry-funded products researched from 2006 until Oct 31 were commercialised.

Dr Abu Bakar said the Government aimed to see 360 products commercialised by 2020, adding that 65 had been commercialised thus far.

/theSTAR 02-12-2014

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