Poor Manager, Poor Performance

I was appalled and taken aback when experienced senior Managers are reluctant to take up new challenges. I just could not understand.

The Manager concerned is either complacent or too comfortable in his present state that he is happily languishing in his existing position, waiting to be shipped out.

Management should view this sad state of affair with great concern with corrective action taken.

Direct reports would either be of the same state of mind and performance as the Manager, or be frustrated or waiting for another job opportunity to move on ... Whatever it is, the Company would suffer with low performance as a result. This personality are the retardant and hindrance to Company growth to having a high performance culture!

An immediate solution would be to counsel and motivate the Manager to take corrective action and having the right attitude towards performance, otherwise disciplinary measures would be taken with the ultimate end-point of dismissal.

If there is a need, Job Scope must also be reviewed. If there is an absence of same, it must be drawn up for the Manager. It should be explained to him in order for him to understand and put into practice his role and expectation as a Manager and as a leader. If he lacks knowledge or skill he should be trained, retrained or be given a lesser role if he is not able to cope with the job.

KPIs on performance and leadership must be identified and be in place. Penalty and reward will be embedded with the KPIs.

Company must be serious in the performance of its staff particularly the leadership.


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