Malaysia: Jumps to No 5 in IMD Talent ranking, 2014

Malaysia has jumped 15 notches over the past decade to fifth place in the latest world talent ranking based on investment and ability to attract and retain talent.

In the IMD World Talent Report 2014, that surveyed 60 countries, Switzerland, Denmark, Germany and Finland were the top four.

IMD, a top-ranked business school in Switzerland, released the report on Thursday.

“The best-ranked countries have a balanced approach between their commitment to education, investment in developing local talent and their ability to attract overseas talent,” said IMD World Competitiveness Centre director Prof Arturo Bris.

“Countries with smart talent strategies are also highly agile in developing policies that improve their talent pipeline.”

For the investment and development factor, Denmark was ahead of Switzerland (second) and Austria (third) while Germany was fourth and Sweden fifth.

Switzerland was ranked top for the appeal factor, followed by Germany, the United States, Ireland and Malaysia.

Switzerland was also rated the highest for readiness, ahead of Finland, the Netherlands, Denmark and the United Arab Emirates.

The IMD report assesses a country’s ability to develop, attract and retain talent for companies that operate there. It reflects three key factors: investment and development in home-grown talent; appeal, which is a country’s ability to retain home-grown talent and attract talent from overseas; and readiness, which reflects a country’s ability to fulfil market demands with its available talent pool. 

/PEMANDU 24-11-2014

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