Work beyond your given Job Scope

I was having tea with a friend whom I met recently. He is a retired pensioner and prior to his retirement he was the head of a Government agency.

One of the topics that stood up in my mind, after an hour or so of discussion, was that "during my time, I always advised my staff to always go beyond his given job scope. He must work at a level above his existing job grade. By doing so, when there is a promotion, he would be already prepared for the job."

"This is because when he goes for his promotion interview, he would already have a prepared mental frame of what he is being interviewed for. He would definitely stand up in the interview as he is already familiar with the job that he is applying for. He would be the likely successful candidate."

In a way this is true, provided that the person also possesses the relevant soft skills, intelligence and paper qualifications. Many times, interviewers had also given the feedback that "IQ" and experience are not enough as "EQ (Emotional Quotient)" must be part of the equation of success.


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