Very Busy BUT Very Happy

I said to myself, I must remember to write about this simple phrase "Vey busy BUT very happy".

Many a time, I have met people who would be so busy that they would not be happy. They would be complaining or mumbling about "too much work", "not enough time", "no one helping" ... and ... sigh, sigh, sigh ...

However, I was pleasantly surprised when I was having lunch in my usual eatery, when this guy, who is a cook and boss in the "café", passing me by, and after my short compliment of him having cooked a nice meal, replied "Very busy BUT very happy".

Having said that, he followed with a wide grin across his face, ear-to-ear. I could sense his sincerity and heartfelt appreciation for the large crowd who frequents his eatery.

The demands for his food are good and thus he has to catch up with the demands, and ensuring food quality at the same time. Thus, he is always busy the moment his eatery "opens" for the day.

I reflected on some of the eateries that I had visited and associate with some of the bosses, who behaved differently, without humility, when their business had prospered.

This guy, who is also the boss, who said "Very busy BUT very happy" was still on the floor and "doing the work" himself. He is still filled with humility and enjoying his work and customers as well.

I believe his love and passion in exceeding his customers' satisfaction for his food and services drive him to excel and be happy despite being busy.

Food for thought: "how many of us can be like him, when we are busy or over worked in order to achieve customer satisfaction?"


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