Concept & Experience

2 topics I would like to share: 1) Concept and 2) Experience

Concept Learning:

To learn quickly is to be able to grasp the concept or principle of "how things work" and "what and where are the processes that lead to the desired end result".

I was sharing with a Manager on my experience in completing a very challenging task during my earlier career days. At that moment of time, I was working in an organisation where everyone envy. The Company was a reputable market leader with many brand products under its product portfolio.

He looked at me and said "Sure what. It works for you as you were working in this BIG and REPUTABLE Company. If it is a smaller Company, I don't think the Vendor would submit to your request!"

I said to him "You are right. If you understand the business concept that I used in order to achieve the desired result, you could also achieve the same. The only difference is that, perhaps, you need to put in more effort and time in getting things through. BUT it will work!". I am sure it would.


The Manager retorted "You mean my experience does not count?"

I replied "You are still young... you still have many more years before you retire from work. You are now half-way through your career whereas I have retired. I can now confidently said I have been successful in my career with many awards and recognitions on record.

I am not saying that I do not value your experience or you have no experience. What I am saying is that I am adding more experience to you, over and above, what you have now, if you are willing to listen and learn".

Thus, experience is going through your own life's journey to gain experience or learning from those who have gone through the journey successfully before you.

A smart guy will combine both ie his own, in addition of others', to shorten his learning curve. SMART GUY!


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