Recently, a Change Management Consultant shared with me the acronym BACHA. What does it mean?

B = Blind Spot
A = Assumption
C = Complacency
H = Habit
A = Attitude

B = Blind Spots. He said that everyone, after working for a certain period of time, would have "blind spots" that he would not notice until someone, from outside his work space, who observed, would notice. Because this person has repeated doing all that he does repeatedly that everything was well and the thoughts of doing other ways do not exist or arise at all. So, this is his "Blind Spot"!

A = Assumption. The same person would not assume anything else other then what he assumed is right. The world moves on and he is still trapped in his own assumption that all things are moving as they were before. A BIG mistake!

C = Complacency. The person is too comfortable and contented in what his is getting or doing that there has no desire or hunger for anything else. What he needs, he has. So, why bother doing something differently or more? This is unhealthy and spell disaster for the business sooner or later.

H, which is habit. Habit is good if it is progressive and enhancing in value in what a person does. Poor and unproductive habit is a "no-no". It brings about disaster! A person must be sensitised to poor work culture or behaviour in order to change!

A = Attitude. We all know about positive attitude which conquers all challenges and issues. Thus, create good work attitude as "after a dark, gloomy thunderstorm, the sun will definitely emerge to shine" and "there is always a silver lining in every dark cloud" and "even opportunity during the days with bright sunshine!"

Each one of us would have a mix of BACHA or would have all of this ... it is for you to identify and make the necessary changes. The desire to achieve success must be from within. No one, from the outside, can always be there to "push you to win." You MUST have the inner desire/fire to want to win.

Examine yourself against BACHA and make changes accordingly!


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