Blessed FIRST Anniversary - 1st April, 2014

In  about a month's time ie1st April, this site,, will be commemorating its' FIRST Anniversary!

Praise and thank God for the journey and I pray that this challenging journey will continue as long as there is high traffic passing through ...

I pray that many visitors who dropped by thus far, and presumably, many regulars, have found this site useful and beneficial whether on the facts of the healthcare or economy of Malaysia or on some of my experiences, encounters and philosophies of my life.

In other words, this site would have achieved its objective if you have found this site 1) useful and informative 2) given you another perspective 3) encourages you 4) wanting to repeat your visits to the site.

If not, I would be glad to enhance the site's contents and values, where relevant, if there are suggestions or feedbacks received from the many of you who come by.
Suggestions or feedbacks can be through the "Contact Us" tab at the Home Page or through my email address: 

Thank you for visiting and I look forward to your continuous visits.

ps: Please also "click" on this: "WELCOME" for the "Welcoming Message" and for the Message on the 2nd Anniversary. Thank you.

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