Birds of a Feather Flock Together

Do you want to be different and stand out in the crowd? Or are you the mediocre type who are easily contented and satisfied to be among the crowd - not seen, not heard ... not wanting to challenge the norms or "pushing the envelopes" in order to cross into a new space.

I trust that with the beginning of 2014, if you are the mediocre type or are afraid to make changes or lack confidence, yet desiring to be numbered among the "successful" and "heard", you should take the first bold step to position and differentiate yourself from the rest of the faceless crowd. 

How? Be God fearing and seek God for wisdom. Tell yourself that you want to be among the people who are successful. Seek these people out and be part of their community. Think like them and behave like them in a God fearing manner. Heard of the Law of Attraction?

It is said that long term success is like a deep-rooted sturdy tree. It is able to withstand the great tsunami of life. Shallow rooted and weak tree will be easily uprooted and blown away when the forces of nature come its way.

Similarly, our lives, to be successful, like the deep-rooted sturdy tree, we need to arm and equip ourselves with the relevant knowledge, skill and people network. We need to have positive attitude, behaviour, good values, humble, persevere and longsuffering.

Additionally, identify and seek out people who can encourage and keep you focus and move towards your goal ie look for a mentor and positive network! Do not grumble, whine or "talk negative" when there is a setback, for this will soon pass away. Instead, ask why and provide solutions!

Join and align with the winners, and NOT the "grumblers, whiners, finger-pointers" ... these are the losers and will be among the faceless, unhappy crowd.

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