Body Language in Communication

When it comes to communication, body language counts a lot more than speaking the right words.

An American psychology, Professor Albert Mehrabian, stated that 7% is from the actual word, 38% tone of voice and 55% body language.

This means that no matter how hard one tries to convince others about his ideas, with his words, he may not be able to. However, if the individual leverages his words with his body language, it can help him to level up for success.

Thus the following should be considered for the effective use of body language:

1) Maintain Eye Contact 2) Have a genuine smile  3) A firm hand shake  4) Not fidgeting eg hair twirling, stroking your tie

5) Manage facial expression  6) Good posture eg standing confidently by looking up and straightening up

7) Use effective hand gestures to support ideas. It is to convey clear thoughts and descriptions to the other party.


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