Shortage of specialists in Cardiology: Malaysia

There are not enough heart experts in the country.

Its deputy Director Ggeneral, Ministry of Health, Datuk Dr S. Jeyaindran said presently there are only about 20 experts for each of the heart-related fields covering all seven heart centres nationwide, and that it needed at least double the number.

"In total, we only have about 20 experts each for cardiology, anesthesia, and heart surgeons. It is not enough, we are short-handed. The problem is that the figure is too low, while the number of cases is too high.

"We need about 50 to 60 experts for each of these fields. At least two times the number what we have now."

Jeyaindran, however, said the Ministry would send chronic heart patients, especially children, to India for emergency surgeries if the situation calls for it, while others will see their waiting time (for a surgery) cut short if their situation get critical.

According to him, the current waiting time for patients hoping to get a surgery in Serdang Hospital, for example, is up to ten months.

He added that the ministry is also in the process of establishing a heart centre in Serdang Hospital, which would be under the purview of the ministry, offering heart surgeries for a mere RM500.

"The Centre is expected to be completed by year 2020," he said.


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