Boss is always Right?

Rule No 1: The Boss is always right. Rule No 2: Refer to Rule No 1!

I was sharing this "work place wisdom" with a friend recently when she expressed her frustration and disappointment with her Superior.

She works in an enviable position where many would like to attain in career development and achievement. She is the Chief Operating Officer (COO) in a sizable Operation. Her Superior is the owner of the Company and, together, they manage the Organisation.

"My boss often makes the wrong decisions," she said "... and my reputation is affected... and thus I am not happy ..."

I retorted " ... no one would like to make a wrong decision ... especially she is the owner of the Company. She would definitely want to make the right decision."

Of course, unless, there is a hidden agenda, an agenda that is being misunderstood or she lacks the relevant information, knowledge and skill in quality decision making. In this case, open communications and sharing, with mutual respect, must be the order of the day in a matured subordinate-superior working relationship. This dysfunctional relationship, if not remedied, is disruptive and does not augur well for the Organisation.

Nevertheless, I added, if all communications and effort failed, the following Rules apply "Rule No 1: The Boss is always right. Rule No 2: Refer to Rule No 1!"

She should either allow the Superior to continue her way, which is not ethical and professional, in order to "preserve her job" or look for alternative!

Then she added: "Rule No 3: Get out and move out to be your own Boss or to another job opportunity!"

Hmmm ... adverse and non-conducive situation, often times, create new entrepreneurs and/or new job opportunities ... food for thought...


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